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Itoshi (Rose garnet x Pink Tourmaline) - MOTHERHOUSE
Itoshi (Rose garnet x Pink Tourmaline) - MOTHERHOUSE
Itoshi (Rose garnet x Pink Tourmaline) - MOTHERHOUSE

Itoshi (Rose garnet x Pink Tourmaline)

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With two gemstones and the gold that accentuates the stones

A heart necklace with two different coloured stones on the left and right side by side.
As the surface is dome-shaped cabochon cut, the stone colour is light and shines gently.
A gold frame that tightens the pale colour adds a mature atmosphere to the heart motif.

Sri Lanka is known as "a shining island."
We lovingly polish gemstones nurtured in this country's climate and soil, using the painstaking techniques of skilled artisans.

Note: Because the jewelry is made of natural stones, there is slight individual difference.

Rose Garnet
They say rose garnet is a stone that symbolizes harvest and fruition.
It will help your efforts come to fruition, which will lead you to success.It will lend its power to those who try their best toward achieving their goals such as passing a school entrance exam or getting a job.

Pink Tourmaline
Pink tourmaline is said to be "a stone full of love." It is believed that its soft cherry blossom glow energizes the heart and fills it with happiness and joy.
It will also play an important role as a talisman that draws in good relationships and builds a relationship of trust.

Original wooden box
Purchased jewelry will be presented to you in our special wooden box, handmade in Indonesia.
The warm handmade wooden box will match the interior of your room nicely.
It can be used as storage of this jewelry or as a small box in which to store your precious items.