Hanabira 2 Way Backpack

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A two-way bag that can be used as a one-shoulder bag or a backpack with a petal shape motif

A two-way bag created by using the shape of flower petals as patterns and overlaying them.

It can instantly switch between a one-shoulder bag and a backpack, allowing you to change its form to suit the setting.

For example, use it as a one-shoulder bag on the train for easy insertion/removal of items, and as a backpack when shopping to free up your hands—it will work for you in your various daily situations. When used as a one-shoulder bag, it can also accommodate A4 files. 

A shape that expresses the cute petals

The bag's cute, chubby form, inspired by the curve of petals, will make going out fun in the coming season.

We placed particular emphasis on functionality as well as design

The back of the bag is fitted with a zip pocket designed so you can quickly take out your pass case or key case, whether in one-shoulder bag or backpack mode.

The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted in three stages, allowing you to use them at the length that fits your body. 

The cloth used for the sari, the traditional costume of Bangladeshi women, is used for the bag's lining.