It is our desire to support our customers and make gift-giving a seamless, wholesome experience full of heart.

Craft Your Own Unique Gift

Wrap It With Fabric

Package your gift using traditional furoshiki cloth! In Japanese culture, the act of wrapping items with furoshiki cloth carries a metaphorical message of enveloping happiness within the gift.

An Embossed Touch

Opt for an additional personalised leather embossed tag to accompany your chosen gift! Provide us with the receiver's name and we'll customise a leather tag using our in-store laser-printing service. This will truly make your gift one-of-a-kind!

Beauty Of Natural Resources

With our commitment to using only the most natural materials, all leather and jute used in our bags are developed entirely in our Matrighor factory in Bangladesh.

Preserving Leather Goods

Our products are designed to last a lifetime. Thus, we offer free lifetime care services alongside other repair and replacement services for your products.

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About Us

Discover the Motherhouse philosophy

Believing In Artisans

At Motherhouse, we set out to provide artisans in developing countries with a stage to shine globally. Through collaboration, we work with these artisans to craft unique products that fuse Japanese design sensibilities with local artisanship.