Our Material

Our materials are natural and are sourced across a few countries - Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India. All the materials are ethically sourced and go through a stringent quality check to ensure they are of high quality.

The journey to find the best combination of materials and design is what leads to the originality of the Motherhouse.

Our Leather

At Motherhouse, we choose cow leather from Bangladesh as a main material to manufacture our products. The leather that we use is full grain leather. 

This is because full grain leather is the strongest and most durable hide leather. We want to ensure our products last for a long time so that they can become lifelong partners to our customers.

All full-grain leather are often marked with scratches and imperfections that result from wear and tear from the animal’s activity such us insect bites and rubbing against a fence.

We believe these imperfections tell a unique story about each leather piece that we make. More importantly, in most cases, these markings do not in anyway impact the durability of the leather.

Our Jute

Jute is a type of hemp known as "golden thread". The history of making bags at Motherhouse began with this fabric.

A specialty of Bangladesh, jute is also used for bags of coffee beans as this material is durable and breathable. Our original recipe based on many years of trial and error creates a high quality jute fabric that is suitable for making bags. 

It is also an environmentally friendly material that absorbs 5 to 6 times more carbon dioxide than cotton during the growth process. 

You can enjoy the rustic, simple and gentle touch of the natural texture of this unique material.


Our Jewelry

Our jewelry material are sourced from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Myanmar. Sri Lanka is a country has sapphires and other nine color stones. All the gemstones from Sri Lanka are hand crafted by the local craftsmen with traditional technique as from mining from gemstones to cutting stones.

Our gold material are sourced from Indonesia. We have two type of gold category which are 10K and 18K gold. All the gold jewelry are handcrafted using traditional technique called line work by local Indonesian craftsmen.