Our Materials

The originality of Motherhouse lies in our commitment in achieving the best combination of design and natural materials.


We use natural, full grain cow leather from Bangladesh in our bags and small leather goods. As a brand, we aspire to create products that can become your lifelong partners. Thus, we have chosen full grain leather for its strength and durability in comparison to other hide leathers. 

Since full grain leather is the most natural layer of a cow's hide, it undoubtedly comes with scratches and marks that result from innate animal activities including rubbing against fences, and insect bites. However, unlike popular belief, such scratches and mark do not impact the durability of leather in any form.

At Motherhouse, we believe that these imperfections deserve to be embraced as they contribute to each product's rich and unique story. 



This is a type of hemp known as "golden thread". A specialty of Bangladesh, jute is widely used in the manufacturing of coffee bean bags due to its durability and breathability.
It is also an environmentally-friendly material that absorbs 5 to 6 times more carbon dioxide than cotton during its growth. 

All in all, it took us many years of trial and error in order to perfect the recipe for what we believe to be the highest quality jute fabric suitable for the production of bags. 

Despite the long process, being able to offer you bags with a rustic, gentle touch due to the natural texture of jute makes everything worth it. 



We carry scarves and stoles produced in Nepal in our physical stores as well. These products are made from a variety of Nepalese-derived materials including silk, wool, cashmere, linen and cotton.

To achieve the right hues for goods, we incorporated natural Nepalese plant dyes in our manufacturing process.


The materials used in our jewellery are sourced from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Myanmar. Sri Lanka, also known as "the country that glitters", is abundant with sapphires and a myriad of other gemstones. There, we work with local craftsmen to mine, cut and craft our pieces. 

On the other hand, we source 10K and 18K gold from Indonesia. All of our gold jewellery are handcrafted by Indonesia craftsmen with a traditional technique called filigree.