An innate sense of lightness that accompanies you every day.

Development of Sou

Sou 2 Way Tote

Sou 2 Way Hand

Details of Sou


A large piece of leather is used to join the puffy body.
The stitching lines are reduced to create a gentle and softer look that can be close to the user's body.


The buckle part uses the local wood material of Bangladesh, which adds more details to the overall design and adds a natural atmosphere in a busy life.


The leather of Bangladesh is carefully selected for its fine grain and natural feel, creating an elegant impression.

Available in three colors: Greenish Blue, Beige, and Black.

Sou series

"The brand's focus on ethical work practices without compromising on quality has attracted a ready clientele in Singapore."

"The brand now sells desirable products made ethically in developing countries."

"If keeping things minimalist, classy and also ethical is on your fashion to-do list."

"The brand is also very involved in many charity and welfare programmes."

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