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Chikai Ring

Regular price $498.00
1 in stock
An oath to yourself and an oath to the other.
Each is represented by a different wire.
Put two important thoughts gently in a ring and always be together.

A crystal of beauty made with only gold thread.
It is a filigree ring spun in Yogyakarta.

Shiny gold shine and filigree matte shine.
You can enjoy the contrast of the two radiances.

The elegantly designed ring decorates your fingertips as a subtle accent, even when you are at work.

Because the craftsmen make each one by hand, there are slight differences between the same rings.
Please enjoy the brilliance of the once in a while.

The ring is made of K18, which has a gold purity of 75%.
By adding a small amount of silver or copper, we pursue the ideal colour.
K18 can be yellow or pink depending on the balance of silver and copper.
We have devised an optimal formulation to produce the ideal soft colour.

Original wooden box
Purchased jewelry will be presented to you in our special wooden box, handmade in Indonesia.
The warm handmade wooden box will match the interior of your room nicely.
It can be used as storage of this jewelry or as a small box in which to store your precious items.