Welcome to MOTHERHOUSE recruitment page!
Thank you for finding us among the many candidates.

MOTHERHOUSE is one of the fastest growing Japanese leather bag brands.

Starting in 2006, we have manufactured in 6 countries – Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar. In just a few years, there are 38 stores across Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

MOTHERHOUSE Singapore started in 2018, and we currently have 2 shops - at Jewel Changi Airport and Suntec City. 

We are gradually growing our brand presence in Singapore and are looking for more like-minded individuals to join us in our efforts!

Since our company is quite unique, we'd like to make it as clear as possible what makes us different from other companies.

1) Unlimited opportunities

Since we are still a start-up in Singapore, everyone needs to work flexibly.

So you can always try out new things - it's not boring and we will learn new skills

Since we are operating globally, you can get the opportunity to work/interact with people from all over the world, exposure to other cultures.

2) Positive working environment

Have you ever had to compete with your colleagues by pretending to be perfect or hiding your weaknesses?

You don't have to do that at all in our company.

We place great importance on teamwork and an environment that allows each person to be themselves.

You'll be able to focus on your work in an environment free of negative stress while cooperating with our caring team members.
We provide both off-job and on-job training so that you can acquire the necessary skills to be competent and perform on the new job successfully and quickly. 

3) Social contribution

We're doing our business not only for profit but also for contribution to society.

Our focusing point is on the developing countries, such as Bangladesh, Nepal and so on.

Even in developing countries, we don't compromise on quality, making use of local materials and craftsmen's skills to make truly high quality products.

It's because we strongly believe it's the most sustainable way and contribute to a better future for them.

So you can work with 100% confidence and pride that what you are doing is so meaningful for a better world.

We believe it will make a big difference to the fulfillment and achievement of your work

Does MOTHERHOUSE fit you?

If you are really willing to learn and try out new things, then we're 100% confident that MOTHERHOUSE is one of the best options.

If you prefer more fixed routine work, it may be better to look for bigger and established companies.

Together with our customers and colleagues, we want to shape the possibilities that exist around the world.

It's not an easy task, so we want to help each other and move forward.

We are looking for people who believe in building a new world together to work with us.

Job description 

At MOTHERHOUSE, we focus on maximising customer satisfaction.
As the first person to interact with customers, it’s great if you can establish a connection with the customers and efficiently respond to their needs.
Being our brand’s storyteller, you are passionate and enjoy sharing our products and background story to let them know more about us.

To help customers to find the right products to match their needs, you help to create a comfortable environment and atmosphere for them to shop in. 

You are focused and dedicated to satisfying customers in hopes to form a long lasting relationship with them. ­

You will also be frequently working and cooperating with the team to maintain visual merchandising and ensure smooth daily operations (strategy execution, product ordering, inventory management).
If you enjoy sharing your ideas, we are always hearing you out as we work together as a team. We value teamwork and the support given to each other - you are never alone!

As retail is dynamic, you will be exposed to different situations and tasks. You will acquire different skill sets and knowledge to handle varying situations.
If you want to develop new skills and challenge yourself, this job is for you!

 Please send in your CV/Resume to if keen.