We have a directly managed factory in Bangladesh, and in other regions as well, we
are engaged in manufacturing together with affiliated factories and partners who value the working environment.

Creating a world-class brand from a developing country

I want to prove that there is potential even in places that are lumped together as "developing countries."

With this in mind, Mother House started in Bangladesh in 2006 with the philosophy of
"creating a world-class brand from a developing country".

Materials with a unique shine, proud craftsmanship, and
a unique culture full of diversity.

Mother House's manufacturing, which takes the potential of developing countries and handles everything
from material development to delivery to customers , has now expanded to six production countries and three sales countries.

Bangladesh, the country of our beginnings. At our own factory, Matrigor, we produce bags and leather accessories using local materials such as leather and jute. We believe that creating a good working environment is the first step in creating good products, and we provide welfare programs such as health checkups to create safe and secure factories where workers feel like they have a second home. That's what I'm aiming for.

We manufacture products with maximum respect for the materials and production methods of each country .

Each country and region has its own attractive materials , such as jute and leather in Bangladesh, and high-quality cashmere and silk in Nepal .
We value manufacturing that highlights the possibilities of materials.

In addition, not only the materials but also the production methods
are adapted to suit the culture and lifestyle of each region.

There is no superiority or inferiority in individuality, and each has its own beauty.

In order to find that individuality, I will continue to travel around the world, seek it out, and communicate it.