Clean & Protect

Treat Your Goods With Care

As leather ages over time, it gradually changes in appearance. Protect your bags from stains and allow them proper rest to extend their lifespan.

At Motherhouse, we provide a specialised free care service to prolong the life and condition of the bags and accessories that you've purchased.

Free Care Service

As a brand, we wish to keep your bags in good condition for as long as possible. Hundreds of artisans in our Matrighor factory work hard to create and deliver products with you in mind. Putting in effort to take good care of and to maintain the leather goods will bring smiles to all of their faces.
Clean Your Bags Regularly
Leather is a natural material, and similar to your own skin, it requires its own regimen too!

By brushing and moisturising leather, you can prevent the presence of mould and protect it from cracking due to excessive dryness.
Access Care Services In-Stores
Simply bring your Motherhouse products to our stores, in order to receive the best treatment and service for your bags. We recognise our products, so no receipt or document is required.

There is also no limit on how often you can frequent our stores! Feel free to bring your goods in every day, or once every few months โ€” it's your choice!
Do It Yourself
Shop Our Leather Care Products
Care for your bags and accessories in the comfort of your own homes